Muracon 2017 - Using Vue.js in a Mura Application

Muracon 2017 - Vue.js inside Mura

February 8, 2017
Muracon 2017 - Using Vue.js in a Mura Application

Vue is a rapidly growing framework that has the potential to revolutionize the way we build front end applications. With the release of Mura 7 and all of it's great features Vue and Mura are a perfect match.

This year at Muracon there were various discussions relating to utilizing Mura as a headless cms. With Mura's JSON api, and verbose documentation for working with the JSON api, it is now easier than ever to build a standalone application using Mura as a backend service.

At Muracon I gave a presentation on how to utilize Vue inside of a Mura application as well as how to use Mura purely as a backend solution by only utilizing the api. Both methods showcase the power of Mura and the opportunities it brings to the table when dealing with the constant changes in technology. 

During Muracon 2017 I also release a new Github organization The purpose of this organization is to build a community of web components and custom elements tailored for the Mura community. 

Steve Withington gave a presentation showcasing Google's Polymer project, and how custom elements can be used within Mura with little to no configuration needed.

I encourage anyone to contribute to the Mura Elements organization and help grow the Mura community. Once more elements are contributed I will release an "Awesome Mura Elements" repository as a central point of reference to all things Mura Elements related.



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Muracon 2017 - Using Vue.js in a Mura Application

Muracon 2017 - Using Vue.js in a Mura Application

Muracon 2017 is here and I am very excited. Ever since Blueriver announced and released Mura 7 , Mura keeps getting better. This year at Muracon '17 I will be giving a presentation on how to use Vue.js within a Mura application.


Vue is a growing framework for building front-end applications. This project contains custom components built specifically for Mura CMS.

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